Telegram Community Standards

2 min readAug 13, 2021

We are proposing new Telegram Community Standards and Rules to our public group.

Over the past months, the 4-Soft team has been working past the clock to deliver results connected to 4-Soft and 4-Stock projects.

As the crypto market is unpredictable, we understand the concerns raised on our group. Therefore, we are changing the Community Standards and Rules to protect the company’s integrity and those connected to it.

Community Standards:

  • Moon talk is not allowed
  • English is the only language spoken in the group
  • Emoji-only messages are not allowed
  • Offensive messages towards the team or community members are not allowed
  • We will answer all the questions asked
  • Repetitive questions will be deleted — especially if made by the same user

Our rights:

  • We hold the right to remove users from the group
  • Offensive users will be warned before being removed.
  • Harassment in DMs of funding members will result in removal from the group
  • FUD comments will be deleted and the user banned with immediate effect
  • The banning of the users will be publicly announced on the group, together with the reason


There will be a change with admins; only Walden will ask the questions, with the core team posting personal blogs. The AMA will be hosted after the contract negotiations, and social media presence will continue to increase daily.


Our core team has got a few threats, and we would strongly discourage such behavior. We are here to change the world for the better, and focusing on our safety instead of focusing on our growth is counterproductive and unpleasant for the team.

We would also like to address two community members that we will not name, but we think the issue needs to be shared.

At the start of the 4STC project, we asked our community for help with various tasks like Reddit creation and community management. Both agreed to work for free, as they said they want to help but are now demanding payment for their services — both of them spread considerable FUD on the group chat and DM us with threats. However, we were open to paying everyone willing to help, and we did so with anyone who wanted to do it.

The updates on Community Standards and Rules will be live in 30minutes.

Thank you once again for your support!