AMA with 4-Soft CEO; 25.08.2021

4 min readAug 25, 2021


Q: Will there be a beta test for users (Community platform)

A: Yes, there will be alpha and beta test apps. The alpha version will be available to anyone in this group, and the beta version will be a server-based application. Version 1.0 will have our encryption system integrated.

Q: How is the development of projected products integrating your formula going?

A: For now, everything is going according to plan; the development will continue in Q1 2022, when the first APIs will be implemented.

Q: With all the regulations big CEX are facing in regards to securities. Do you think this makes it extra hard for 4STC to be listed on a CEX in the distant future eventually?

A: We were thinking about that problem from the very beginning, and that’s why we published 4STC as a utility token (legally), and that’s why our dividend payout is called a staking system. Of course, because of the specific case of 4STC, we expect (and are experiencing) some issues, but they are and will be resolved reasonably quickly upon showing the documentation.

Q: As you plan to have different teams for 4Stc and 4-Soft, what is the idea behind the two groups? Respectively what are the plans for the 4-STC team?

A: The idea is still young, and we will have to discuss it with the core team more, but we are thinking about a team that will be focusing more on getting the word out for 4STC (marketing), as well as community management, social media posts, etc. I believe that one weekly AMA session with me will be sustainable once, especially once we start pouring more funds into the marketing of the 4STC and the overall project. We are at the critical point with 4-Soft, where new contracts are on the table, development is ongoing, and we need all hands on deck, but we must not forget about the 4STC, so the separate group will “jump in” when the 4-Soft project needs all hands on deck.

Q: What makes this platform different from any other social/community platform, what purpose does it serve and what makes you think people want to create an account on it?

A: The platform’s purpose is to showcase how quickly the APIs can be implemented, and our take on how efficient social media, without any interference, should/could look. Selling points are two: efficiency and security.

Q: Did you think of implementing 4STC somehow in the Community platform as a method for payment for extra features?

A: The app will have a 4STC holder tab, so 4STC holders can stake the tokens there and manage their 4STC economy. We, however, will not offer payments with 4STC as we still view it as a stock.

Q: What would you like to achieve with 4Soft company in the future? What is your main goal?

A: My end goal with 4-Soft is to bring the company public and replace the SSL certificate (https://) with a 4-Stoft one.

Q: What have you experienced most and learned from mistakes with the recent projects you have been in? What encourages you to succeed with 4Soft now?

A: I’ve learned a lot, especially in terms of communication, pitching, and management. I’m still learning daily, and I’m enjoying doing what I’m doing. Regarding the encouragement, I’ll be honest with you: it’s fear of failure.

Q: With 4-soft successfully getting massive cash inflow from private investors (in the traditional sense), does this diminish the purpose of 4STC as a funding tool for the company? If so, will this impact the future of the token 4STC?

A: We weren’t thinking about financing the full development with 4STC token; the main focus of 4STC is creating a feeling that holders are part of something bigger, with meaning and ambition; and with that comes positivity and courage of holders to try our product, and/or to trust our system more.

Q: Will KYC be there on the community platform?
A: No, for now, we are not planning KYC but will explore options.

Q: As a CEO, do you have free time for yourself, like going out to do some stuff with your friends or family.

A: Yes, I have some free time, but to be honest with you; not as much as I want, I know a lot of people close to me are somewhat disappointed that I’m not around as much as I were before, but I’m hoping that slowly I will have more time by optimizing everything.

Q: any feedbacks on your post/mailing campaigns for 4soft? What is the plan to increase your number of contracts/customers?
Do you still consider that the 4soft solution is unique?

A: Yes! The mailing campaign turned out to be one of the best decisions we made, as we have A LOT of interest, and it is opening a lot of opportunities in the long run, not only with investments but also with API contracts as well.
Regarding the uniqueness of our platform, we still firmly believe that we are the only one with the system.

Q: As a leader. What is your vision?

A: My vision for 4-Soft is the internet where you know where data originates and that you as the end-user are completely safe browsing on the net without any fear of cybercrime.

That’s it for today! Thank you for all the questions, and I’ll see you guys next week!

We will be hosting weekly AMA sessions on our telegram group, with Twitch AMA sessions once monthly.

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