4STC Staking is live!

3 min readDec 2, 2021


We are happy to announce the staking feature has now been activated on our website.

Where can I stake 4STC?

You can stake your 4STC tokens on our website at dividends.4-stc.com.
Please note that the staking system is available only on the Web version of browsers, but we will publish our own Happy Wallet with an integrated staking tool soon!

How do I stake 4STC?

It’s simple! Take a look at our short explainer video below:

How does 4STC staking work?

Dividends (10% of 4-Soft’s net profits) will be paid out every six months, together with them, the half-year report will be released.

The dividends will be paid out in phases; it will span for five months in total, with each month representing 20% of the total payout.

Token holders should enter the staking payout a month before payout begins (30 days); if they miss the staking period, they can stake the tokens but are not eligible for payouts.

The option to lock tokens for a certain number of staking periods will be available, so the payout will be automatic, and the token holder will not have to stake the tokens every staking period.

Every payout phase the stable token (USDT)is ready to be dispensed to the users' wallets and can be sent out of the staking system immediately.

The total amount of payout for the full period will be known a month before the staking process begins.

Token holders can exit the payout system at any time, but once the tokens leave our system, the holder is not eligible for further payouts until the next round.

The 10% of net profits is split upon all staked tokens.

The payouts amount is capped at the market cap set a day before the payouts (at 13:00 CET).

When will I get my first 4STC payouts?

If staked before the 6th of January, your payout will begin on the 1st of February 2022.

Why staking 4STC is a good idea?

We created 4-Stock with one goal in mind; to make 4STC a virtual share of 4-Soft, and the only way to achieve that is to put it to use!
So please go ahead, stake our token and enjoy the payouts.


4-Stock staking tool is a normal staking tool, so laws and rules of the staking apply, please contact your legal advisor about the taxation of the pay-outs.

Thank you for your support and let’s see what the future brings!

4-Soft website: www.4-soft.com

4-Stock website: www.4-stc.com

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/4Softcom
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