4-Soft update — Stock token and much more!

Today we are happy to announce the launch of the 4-Soft stock token, with exciting plans and contracts already signed.

4 min readMay 10, 2021

Let’s start with talking about us: 4-Soft.

4-Soft is a company established in 2019 with beginnings in Q2 2018. We specialize in data management, storage, and much more. We can encrypt and send any data through the blockchain with our unique software- not just timestamp it.
So far, we have bulletproof test the formula behind the project on two separate blockchains — HTML (https://htmlcoin.com/) IN 2019 and IBM Hyperledger Fabric in 2020.
We are offering enterprise as well as commercial products, both using our software.

To date, we were fully funded by private investors from Europe and the USA, with the first investment round in March 2019.

Data management systems

We offer Data management systems as enterprise products, allowing our customers to upgrade their work environments to much safer ones or upgrade their products to implement our APIs, which offer data encryption method by 4-Softs method. We will present the data management systems in more detail shortly!

Communication tool

We realize that privacy is missing in the internet world; therefore, we have started developing a communication tool that will allow users to communicate safely and without any risks of their chats being exposed. The communication tool will also offer file sharing with our software — which will be directly built-in the application from the getgo.

First revenue pilot project signed!

In February 2021, we have signed our first revenue pilot project projected to be worth 1,300,000 € with Saudi Arabian company SSSiT. The contract covers our API implementation to SSSiTs already developed and used platform e-Morasalat. We will host Q&A with SSSiT CEO shortly — maybe even this week!

4-SOFT equity token

We started our blockchain development in 2021, as we need our blockchain for optimization and faster transaction times. To fully fund the development, we will release an equity token; the token will be publicly traded and represent 25% of our overall shareholding structure. The token acts as a non-preferred share and has no voting rights. However, the dividends will be paid out twice per year.

We will issue the token this week and will announce the date and exact hour in due date!

How will it work?

After the blockchain development finishes, we will publish 4-SOFT stable token on our blockchain. The stable token will act as a payment getaway for both enterprise and commercial products. Twice per year, 10% of our net profits made on all products will be paid out to 4-SOFT equity token holders with the 4-SOFT stable token.

So, in short: 4-SOFT tokens released now will act as publicly traded stock, with the stable token being generated after the development is complete.

We will reveal a detailed plan with the release of the whitepaper.

4-SOFT IBM, Google, and AWS partnership

We got many questions about our IBM, Google, and AWS partnerships: 4-Soft is part of Google and AWS’s start-up program, where both companies offer us free server space. We are also part of the IBM blockchain program, where IBM offers us development tools and insights into the development. All: Google, AWS, and IBM logos will be present on our website as our partners until we finish their start-up programs.

4-SOFT whitepaper

We will release the whitepaper on Thursday at 18:00 CET, with the technology behind the software explained.
If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to join our Telegram group.

Please note that if you currently hold 4SFT token you can either sell it at market price or swap it later for 4STC token.

Website: www.4-soft.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/4Softcom
Telegram: https://t.me/foursoftcom