4-Soft Q&A 19.5.2021

But let us start with the plan for next week:

  • Marketing will slowly begin over the weekend, with the full impact on Monday.
  • We will not start selling any tokens until the market cap is at at least 2.000.000USD
  • We started working on the completely new website that should be up and running in the following week; we will fix the current one to satisfy the current market needs.
  • We are also in talks with a significant potential customer, and we will keep you updated on that over the next few days.

About the CoinmarketCap and Coingecko listings:

- We applied for both of them, and it usually takes them a week before listing new tokens.
- We will notify you of the progress on the due date.

Questions and answers from today's session:

Q: Will, the new website, include team profiles and linked them with their LinkedIn profiles?

CFO, COO, and CEO of 4-Soft



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