4-Soft Q&A 19.5.2021

4 min readMay 19, 2021

Q&A held on the Telegram group

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Q&A that took place today at 16:00 CET.

Listed below are questions that got asked the most

But let us start with the plan for next week:

  • Marketing will slowly begin over the weekend, with the full impact on Monday.
  • We will not start selling any tokens until the market cap is at at least 2.000.000USD
  • We started working on the completely new website that should be up and running in the following week; we will fix the current one to satisfy the current market needs.
  • We are also in talks with a significant potential customer, and we will keep you updated on that over the next few days.

About the CoinmarketCap and Coingecko listings:

- We applied for both of them, and it usually takes them a week before listing new tokens.
- We will notify you of the progress on the due date.

Questions and answers from today's session:

Q: Will, the new website, include team profiles and linked them with their LinkedIn profiles?

A: Yes!
In addition to the team profile, you will be able to explore our formula in more detail as there will be a detailed and animated explanation on the website.

For now, you can check the core team of 4-Soft here:

CFO, COO, and CEO of 4-Soft

Q: What is your marketing strategy?

A: We will publish some Google ads. In addition, you will able to see the influencers in the crypto space promoting and talking about our system.
We will publish a plan over the weekend, but we will promote the formula through the influencers and token price with ads. We are waiting for the CoinmarketCap listing as it’s going to be much easier for us to promote something listed there.

Q: Is the Q&A going to be weekly? Any plans of doing video Q&As?

A: Yes, it will be weekly, and we are also planning to have us answer the questions on video.

Q: Are there any plans for more potential uses of the 4-Soft Stable Tokens, other than the ones stated in the whitepaper? Like can it possibly be used to trade with other tokens in the blockchain?

A: The stable token will be available on the exchanges like any other stable token

Q: Can you please explain how the 10% profit will be shared through an example. Let’s say that your profit is 100000$, and my wallet holds 1.000.000 tokens. How much of the 10% will I get?

A: It depends on how many tokens our team has sold- if we don’t sell any, the equation would be:
100.000USD/275.000.000 tokens * amount of your tokens holding

Q: Are you ready for a war? The project has never easy, and with today’s crash, the game could change, in good or bad. So, if tomorrow all exchange explode, and blockchain too, you think you could reach your ambition?

A: We are ready for a war, we have been battling it since 2019, we never gave up even if the times were tough
We could finish the development without releasing the token (equity investors would fund us), but we decided to do something different.

Q: Are there any plans on expanding the team? the project is long-term and not a small one.

A: Yes!
We hope to expand the marketing and development team, but we can hit a hard cap with developers count as there is a limit of how many people can develop the system at once.

Q: From the conversations in this group, I understand that the team is not looking for a pump and dump, and I am totally for it. It would be helpful if the team can share some posts so that holders like me can share and spread the news and can keep such sharing aligned with the team’s views. We need some aggressive marketing from the holders as well but still staying away from pump and dumpers.

A: We are working on infographics that our holders will be able to share online, but please feel free to reach out and request more marketing “material.”

Thank you once again for your support over the past week!
The next Q&A will be held next week 26.5.2021 at 16:00CET.

Website: www.4-soft.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/4Softcom
Telegram: https://t.me/foursoftcom